At a recent accelerator demo day, someone asked me what I look for in a founder. It took a bit of soul searching to construct my answer. Here’s what I came up with.

  • Mission driven: startups are such a rollercoaster ride that it takes someone who won’t get distracted by…
Photo courtesy of Stanford

In early 2011, while I was working at Maxim, I signed up for a “Design Thinking Boot Camp” at Stanford’s I hoped it would help make my group more innovative. I forgot about it until a few months later; I was surprised to get an email with the…

A Timeline of Resources

From every great era of civilization, a new technology has emerged that gave humans new capabilities. Each technology has been associated with a resource that was initially extremely valuable, while humans were learning to harness its power, but later turned into a commodity as the technology became commonplace. …

Vijay Ullal

Family guy. Investor/mentor for start-ups. Fitness/sports enthusiast. Music lover. Gadget freak. Car buff. I care about women’s education, cancer research.

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