• AnuPartha


    We are a specialised executive search firm, focused exclusively on hiring Transformational Leadership talent for our clients.

  • dragan mladenovic

    dragan mladenovic

  • Tim Guleri

    Tim Guleri

  • Murray Newlands

    Murray Newlands

    Contributor Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag. Staff run, tweets from Murray are signed -mn. #MUSTREAD #motivation #leadership #bookclub #books

  • Nick Bourdakos

    Nick Bourdakos

    Computer vision addict at IBM Watson

  • ashu garg

    ashu garg

    Earlystage Enterprise VC-engineer-operator | GP @FoundationCap | BoD @tubemogul @localytics @conviva @zerostackinc @fortanix @opas @thequanticmind @eightfoldai

  • Devin Shea

    Devin Shea

    Change yourself. Change the world.

  • Rohini Chakravarthy

    Rohini Chakravarthy

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